Tourist house lodging 2 - 3 people

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Generally holds 2 people but can go up to 3   by adding an extra bed.

El Carcabà  is our corner lodging. Holding the least people but not the tinniest as the ground floor includes a private terrace that overlooks the Serra de Monstant natural park. It also contains a fully equipped modern kitchen, a dining room and an ample living room with fireplace.

Up the staircase, on the first floor there is an open space double bedroom and a complete separate bathroom. The bedroom features wooden furniture from the 50s as a contrast to the modern bathroom.

There is an in-door between the dining rooms of “El Carcabà” and “El Farinal” just in case you’d like to come with friends or family but still keep it private.

The kitchen includes a washing machine.

It has central heating.

The bedding and bath linen is included.

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